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Well, you sure don’t shy away from the hard stuff… Hat’s off to you for tackling that one.

Acquisition is an important part of everything you do – you’re right to identify this as a primary challenge. The majority of marketers in your industry have also idenitified acquisition as the #1 thing they’re working on.


Keeping your customers and continung to add value is a constant challenge – and it’s supposed to be hard. Because what’s required to retain customers is always changing. Staying close to them – especially throughout change – requires a steady stream of new insights and engagements.


The Customer Experience (CX) is the last opportunity to prove that ‘why’ an organization exists is demonstrated in ‘how’ it interacts with customers. It’s where the battle for brand differentiationis being fought and won – or lost.


Marketing is about selling – more stuff, to more people, more often for more money. There is no other reason to do it. How we leverage opportunities in the market to acquire more, more cost effectively is the secret sauce.